Social Media Setup

Social Media SetupNo SEO strategy in the today’s market is complete without a social media presence. Your prospects and customers are subconsciously trained to think “if you’re not on Facebook, YouTube or Twitter, you don’t exist.

While this may be a damaging fact, it creates a gap for opportunity for smart, savvy business owners. Despite how big the internet may be, 20% of all page views on the web come from Facebook. The company reports 850 million users, 57% which are female. Including 425 million mobile users.

Having a powerful, social media presence can be a vital source of traffic and additional sales for your business. At Watchtower, we stay up to date with the latest trends on all of the major social media networks to ensure your company gets maximum exposure at minimum cost. 

We are committed to setup your social media profiles in a way that helps your business grow at a rapid pace. We give your social media profiles the million dollar face-lift to attract more followers or friends who will soon be your potential customers.

Many businesses find it difficult to track their social media efforts, but we know exactly how track, measure and refine our efforts. Doing so helps us keep on track with the goals you’ve set for your social media strategy.

You would typically expect to spend many thousands of dollars for a top-notch social media presence.  A research conducted in 2008 and 2009 shows that social media experts who were well-known were in demand for a high pay rate.

This is a result of the shift in marketing vision by many companies. The shift calls for the ongoing demand for social media professionals who could effectively create and accomplish several social media strategies for the concerned companies.

When you become more visible, you gain more qualified traffic, more qualified leads, and therefore more profits for your business.

As a result of a powerful social media strategy, you’ll be seen as a visible, well-known expert in your field. Thousands of people who wouldn’t find your business using a search engine would easily find you via social marketing because this method, unlike any other, relies primarily on the networks and connections of friends and family.

This means for every one person who connects to your business through social media, you will likely gain 2 or 3 more connections automatically as a result of what we call relationship marketing. Our social marketing strategy motto is simple: Friends tell other friends where friends buy things.

We use powerful software and tools to build a social media setup that ensures your online presence is credible, authoritative and attractive to your target market.

In as little as one week we can have your social media presence up and running and within 30 days or less you can begin to reap the massive rewards from having such a fierce online social media presence. Thus, your social media setup promises to be unforgettable.