Monthly On-site Changes

As a successful business owner, you’re busy keeping your company profitable and competitive in today’s fast paced marketplace. If that’s true, you probably don’t have the luxury of having time to make changes to your website.

Your web designer may be unreachable, or you may not be intimately familiar with programs like Dreamweaver or BBEdit to make changes to your website.

That’s why we use content management platforms, like Joomla and word press.  These systems allow you as the client, to make changes to the on-page content.  We provide both a hands on and hands for approach for our clients.

You may be in an industry where frequent website updates aren’t necessary. However, industry experts agree, keeping your website fresh and current is always a beneficial search engine strategy.

Several business owners with existing search engine rankings often make the devastating mistake of revising their website content without the proper precision and care that comes from a certified SEO expert. Three weeks later, their site “disappears” and goes from a page one top 10 ranking to a page 3 listing in Google.

This horrible mistake can easily destroy your cash flow and profits for your company. It may take weeks or even months to repair this devastating mistake. And if you lose rankings, your competitor will be the “lucky” one who benefits from your mistake.

Watchtower SEO eliminates the guesswork, confusion and fear that business owners have when making changes to their website. Even if you already have the content, we make sure it’s structured, written, and optimized to maintain the search engine rankings you already have – or could have.

Our research indicates when a website experiences no changes for a long time, it may face unexpected consequences such as losing visitors, failing to attract the attention of the customers and provide them with ongoing information.

In fact, a website is launched with the purpose of carrying out business activities; hence, regular or consistent updates to the websites are never finished.

We provide website updates on a monthly basis to keep your website fresh, engaging and relevant in the marketplace. We go to great lengths to make sure our changes are optimized in a special way that naturally attracts search engines to your site.

Our years of expertise allow us to keep your website stays up to date and remain unique, interesting, credible and persuasive for search engines and humans alike.

We start with a very initial idea about what type of business you do and what you exactly expect from your website. Receiving answers, we create a scheme for all of our activities.

It’s our job (not yours) to keep up with the latest updates, methods and strategies so we can keep your site ranking high in all of the major search engines. By making monthly on-site changes, we keep your site relevant for search engines and sought after by prospects and customers.