Local SEO Services

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At Watch Tower SEO we know that it is critical your website is visible if you plan on succeeding in today’s economy. The internet is growing popular with customers from around the world and is expected to continue to grow. About 80 percent of Washington state customers use the internet before going out and making a purchase. With the traffic numbers continuing to grow, your website needs a competitive advantage over the rest. Millions of internet users are searching for products and services just like yours, but if you’re not showing up on the first or second page of the search results, it’s unlikely they’ll ever know the products/services your Tacoma company has to offer.

You can control how quickly an internet user finds your website. With the right combination or rich, authoritative content and an easily navigated site, you’ll impress the search engines, but you still need SEO. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is a process that optimizes a website through design, code and website content. so that the robots for the search engines can find and rank the website. The better your site, the higher you’ll rank. When customers input targeted keywords into the search bar, the goal is for your website to show up for those keywords. By optimizing customers can find you and see what you have to offer. Therefore, if you spend money on a quality Pierce County SEO service, you’ll maximize the return on your investment.

Watch Tower SEO professionals can help you leverage the power of the internet and boost your business. Our Washington state professionals also can help attract local customers to your website, which helps drive the success of your business further.

Get Competitive Analysis

You cannot be the competition if you don’t know who the competition is. We can research your competitors, see what they’re doing and find out how they’re operating online. We’ll perform a website analysis of your top-ranking competitors as well as the low-ranking ones to find out what needs to be done and what needs to be avoided for higher rankings. By doing our in-depth analysis we can help your website stay on top of the trends and put you on top of the competition.

Website Analysis

Our King County experts may need to work on your site before we being the SEO campaign process. Our team can analyze your site from every angle and find ways to fix it so that it is search engine and user-friendly. Some areas we’ll investigate can include:

  • Site map structure
  • Site code
  • 404 errors
  • Content
  • Navigation review
  • Optimization
  • Competitive market analysis
  • Duplicate content detection
  • Link review

Extensive Keyword Research and Analysis Services

SEO is only successful if you optimize the right keywords. To make sure your website is using optimized keywords for your products, services and industry we will do an in-depth keyword research and analysis. We’ll find your preferred keywords and help you strategize on using those keywords to boost your search engine rank. We also want to make sure we bring your website quality traffic with hot customers — customers who are ready to buy or see your products and services.

SEO Strategy Development and Implementation

Our Tacoma specialists know that there is no quick-fix to search engine rankings and we also know that every website is unique to the search engines. Therefore, we analyze your site’s unique properties to devise the best strategy for how to bring organic search results and traffic to your site. Our team of King County experts can help optimize your site the right way through our use of “white hat” techniques. White hat techniques are those that are search engine friendly. We create a site that search engines like and we don’t use backdoor tactics to scoot a site into high ranks by cheating the system. We only use the best practices and we employ the highest standards so that your site not only ranks high, but isn’t at risk for being blacklisted later.

Optimizing Your Site’s Structure

Whether your business is in the Tacoma area or hundreds of miles away, you need the structural components of your website analyzed to make sure they’re not lowering your search engine rankings. Our team of experts will look through your website, navigation and your directory to see where you’re lacking and we’ll fix it so that search engine spiders find and crawl through your site with ease.

Optimizing Your Site’s Code

Our Redmond experts know that code is important for every website. We make sure that your website’s code is not only optimized, but up to date. We want to make sure that your site is crawled quickly and ranked faster, but we also want to make sure customers can navigate through your site. The faster spiders get through your website the faster your ranks will improve.

High-Quality Content Development, Optimization and Implementation

Google isn’t just about keywords anymore — they’re also about high-quality website content. If your website posts irrelevant content or content that is poorly written, Google and users will notice. Our team of experts can devise a strategy that ensures all content on your site is of the highest quality. We can optimize current content as well to make sure your targeted keywords are used appropriately and we’ll produce new onsite content that helps build your brand’s authority on the web. Our Kirkland copywriting team is one of the best and they’re skilled in writing quality content while still optimizing your targeted keywords. After all, you may attract a search engine or user to your site, but if your content isn’t attractive, that user won’t return.

Reporting and Analysis

We believe that a quality website is one that constantly stays up to date. That is why our Washington state SEO firm knows that constant analysis is important. We want to review your SEO campaign on a regular basis and see where we can improve. The faster we fix SEO hiccups, the faster your site will rank with the search engines.

Quality SEO That Fits Your Needs

At Watch Tower SEO we know that every website and business is unique. That means your SEO needs are unique too. Your SEO needs can change based on your revenue objective, budget and even your goals. When we meet with our SEO customers we get to know them first and we don’t use a one-size-fits-all SEO solution. Instead our solutions are tailor-made to our customers in a way that allows us to boost their search engine rankings and increase customer satisfaction.

Our SEO service is always staying up-to-date on the latest SEO technology too. We know how often Google and other search engines change their algorithms — and if your site doesn’t follow the trends, you’ll be left on the back pages of the search results.

Instead of partnering with any SEO firm, partner with a Pierce County SEO expert like the team at Watch Tower SEO. We offer high-quality SEO services that are customized and produce results.