Keyword ResearchOne of the most important aspects of search engine optimization and search engine marketing is keyword research. It is the fundamental cornerstone of a successful SEO strategy.

A recent study on keyword research shows that people conduct several billions of searches every day either on search engines or on various social media websites.

Traffic generation is almost entirely based on the keywords a potential customer uses to find your website. When users search in Google, Yahoo and Bing — they use specific short and long-tail keywords to find what they’re looking for.

Proper keywords can help people accelerate their steps in course of search engine optimization. Without knowing the exact keywords users are using to find information, products and services in your industry, you may have a less effective SEO results.

In fact, our independent research suggests without having an accurate keyword list, you may lose up to 50 to 70% of potential business.

Popular keywords bring more traffic and typically bring the most profit. We perform keyword research using high-powered and little known tools that can go a long way in achieving breakthrough results. Our SEO professionals conduct extensive research on keywords as they function as the catalysts when visitors search for a particular website.

The common mistake of keyword research is using wrong tools, using a single keyword or key phrase for a particular website, and not knowing the “negative” keywords that should be employed to filter traffic.

We are highly knowledgeable about the real effective measures to ensure proper functioning of keywords by using reliable tools for our research. We also avoid random traffic and plan for achieving target traffic.

We also attempt to find low competition niche as we know the value of niche. For example, we tend to find niche like red roses or peace lily when we are doing optimization for a flower selling website.

What we assure is the proper keywords picked out form lower competition niche as we find it timeless. We opt to create a list of accurate keywords which may drive higher traffic to a website.

All these do not mark the end of our jobs. In addition to all these, we filter and sort keywords in our list to keep everything up to the mark. Thus, we’ll find the best possible keywords to increase traffic and thus, ensure long lasting rankings for your website in ALL of the major search engines.