blog-writingBlogging is a great way to increase visibility, traffic, leads, sales and worldwide exposure. It’s one of the most cost-effective ways to get search engine traffic from Google, yahoo and Bing. But it’s also a powerful tool for businesses to engage and interact with target customers.

It is common that numerous businesses try to persuade their customers by creating interesting and compelling contents which focus on relevant information, funny ideas and factual matters about their services.

An effective blog requires the ability to create perfect enthusiasm, accurate information, persuasive style and consciousness. As part of our SEO services, we write customized blog articles and content to help increase your online visibility.

Each blog post we create highly relevant to any topic you chose, well researched and full of useful and actionable information.  We carry out our jobs with excellent expertise since it is much significant as we know how to add value to your money.

Creating super engaging, high-quality blog content is an issue we do not take lightly. We understand your readers are likely to return to read more posts, or comment on posts depending on their ability to resonate with them. That’s why we spend a great deal of time ensuring we’re not just writing from the viewpoints of the sentences and contents.

We’re writing from the position of relevancy. In addition, we invest extensive care to bring unique ideas and suggestions to make your blog content powerful enough to make sense and engage customers in the topic discussed.

According to a study, controversial blog posts are a great way to achieve the target traffic. As visitors will read your blog, they become more engaged and likely to convert into real customers. But controversy is just one of the many ways to write a meaningful blog post. With itemized lists, revelation of secrets, how to’s, and news story blog posts, we are sure we can keep your user engaged from start to finish.

Our team conducts meticulous research about the topic and business industry for maximum effectiveness. For example, when we create blog content for a local insurance agency, we research latest trends, frequently asked questions, service pricing as well as the key “hot buttons” for this particular industry.

In the insurance agency example, we would write heavily about the dangers of floods, fires and auto accidents, typical premiums, and the average time it takes to file a claim. This helpful information sets this blog apart from millions of blogs that are filled with junk content.

To help increase your rankings we use proper keywords throughout the copy and use anchor tag links to relevant, authoritative blogs. With proper marketing and promotion, you can expect your blog post to generate high volume traffic to a website for many months and years to come.

At Watchtower SEO, we understand the necessity of having well written blog-articles written on a frequent and consistent basis.  As the internet has become more competitive than ever before, we are committed to writing your ideas with powerful language and a convincing style to drive traffic to your website and attract qualified customers into your business.