About Watch Tower SEO

You’ve probably never used the internet without using Google.

Your customers wouldn’t find your business without Google either.

The importance of having professional, experienced SEO strategy has never been greater. The sad reality is, if your target audience can’t find you in Google, they think you don’t exist. Furthermore, if they don’t see your company in the top 10 search engine results, they are likely to question the credibility and relevance of your company as whole.

This is why we work so hard to be up-front and honest about the results we can give to our clients. Unlike most companies, we don’t promise #1 rankings. What we promise is honest and simple.

We have the tools and staff to give you increased search engine rankings, increased visibility, increased traffic, and as a result — more business and sales for your company.

Our leading SEO expert is Jeffrey Tropiano. Mr. Tropiano is a leading Search Engine Optimization Expert in the industry and provides proven, track record for making rapid, dramatic improvements in search engine visibility for a wide variety of businesses and markets.

His ethical, super strategic approach has built itself a strong reputation of its own over the past 13 years. As the company lead, Mr. Tropiano speaks with, consults with and oversees the company’s efforts for each client from start to finish.

This personalized approach gives clients the security of knowing they’re not just hiring a “seo guy”, but they’re entrusting a portion of their company’s financial and visibility success to someone they know and trust. 

Watchtower SEO is a long-standing, well established SEO company that specializes in high-end search engine optimization and internet marketing for established businesses.

For many years we’ve helped hundreds of small to mid-sized businesses increase their brand awareness online through search engine visibility.

Our services are entirely risk-free, purely ethical and within the guidelines of each search engine. We make a point to stay up to date with all of Google’s latest algorithm changes and updates.

But what truly sets us apart from most SEO companies, is our ability to provide a full array of services to help your business become a dominating force online.

We offer the following services:

  • Blog Content
  • Content Writing
  • Keyword Research
  • Social Media Linking
  • Logo Design
  • Local Business Listings
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Social Media Setup
  • Internet Yellow Page Systems
  • Monthly On-Site Changes
  • Monthly High-Powered Link Building Campaigns
  • And more.

We’re not just your SEO company. We’re the company that keeps your business relevant and profitable on the internet.

Whether you’re looking for local exposure or national exposure in search engines, our team of SEO specialists will give you unrivaled results that come second to none.

Of all the SEO companies you may find, few can match our affordable, holistic approach to keeping your business relevant in search engines and in the mind of your audience.

Watchtower SEO gives you total freedom to get these amazing results at affordable rates on your terms. You can chose monthly plans for content updates, link-building or any of the other services we provide.

Best of all, we’ve been able to get clients, with relatively new websites, high listings in search engines (including Google) relatively quickly.

Your site will never be treated as a science experiment. All of the techniques and methods we use have already been well tested and proven to work on our network of private sites we operate in what we call our Watchtower testing laboratory. 

But more importantly, we provide measurable results that you can verify and show your accounting team to justify the ROI. Fortunately, with over 13 years of experience, we’re confident we can deliver results in record breaking time and ensure you get positive ROI without going bankrupt.