Every website owner wants to see their website rank at the top. After all, being at the top means you’ll get most of the attention from Internet users — which means your products and services are going to be seen and used. Search Engine Optimization helps increase the volume and quality of traffic to your site from search engines like Google, Bing or Yahoo. Using tested methods, these search engines are able to rank pages based on a variety of factors and if you fit the bill, your website could show up on the first or second page of search results based on the keywords a user has input.

At Watch Tower SEO we’re a Seattle SEO company that knows how to change your website so that you attract search engines and receive high rankings. Whether you need to rank with Google, Bing or somewhere else, we know their criteria. We offer superior Seattle SEO services and our company can make your site search engine friendly.

Why SEO?
Studies have already shown that Internet users will click on organic search results instead of sponsored or advertised results. In fact, it was stated in a recent Jupiter report that over 80 percent of Internet users find products or services they’re looking for by searching online first. If your site doesn’t appear in the search results based on the keywords, your products/services aren’t being seen. That is where our Seattle SEO services come in.

When you hire our Seattle SEO company we offer SEO services that include:

• Analyzing your competitors
• Finding the right keywords and marketing those keywords
• Creating ads that are written by the best-in-class copywriters
• Creating title tags, meta keywords and SEO optimized sites
• HTML codes
• Devising attractive press releases
• Creating a spider-friendly site
• Generating keyword ranking reports

Local Seattle SEO
Local SEO is just as important as general SEO ranking. Our Seattle SEO professionals can help get your site ranked high with local SEO services too. We employ the best techniques to boost your website’s results in the search engine and we ensure your site is user-friendly.

We’ll create an in-depth keyword analysis that reviews the keywords applicable to your website — including local terms that local clients are likely to use.

How Local SEO Helps
You might be curious why you need local SEO for your website. While word of mouth is always great for business, most of your customers are on the Internet searching for their next product or service. Since customers research online first, you need to grab their attention while they’re online — not hope someone passing by will mention your services. Customers also research local companies before they actually visit them in person; therefore, you need to attract future customers online first.

Our Seattle SEO professionals are one of the few companies who understand local SEO. We make the necessary fixes to your site so that you can boost your local SEO ratings. We’ll use keywords already maximized in your content and amplify them by adding local terms too. In doing so, we make your local website SEO ready and visible to potential customers who are close by and ready to purchase.

Why Use a Local SEO Firm?
There are a lot of SEO services out there — we get that. You can easily purchase or outsource overseas, but a local Seattle SEO firm can get you better results. Overseas companies don’t deliver the same kind of return on investment as local firms do. This is because a local SEO firm understands your business, your type of clients and the culture in the area — which means we can devise a campaign that attracts your current customer type.

Local SEO Services
If you’re in need of local SEO services, we can create a customized solution based on the needs of your website and business. We’ll get to know you and your goals and we’ll also respect your SEO budget. Some services we offer our Seattle SEO customers include:

• Competition analysis
• Keyword research
• Marketplace research
• Press releases and high-quality content
• Keyword rankings
• Ongoing consulting services

We Help Ecommerce Too!
Ecommerce websites always have the advantage when it comes to SEO. All you have to do is use the keywords to sell your products, because customers are already looking for those keywords online. But, with our services we can amplify the keywords you have and put you to the top.

How Can We Help Boost Your Ecommerce Ranking?
There are a few ways our Seattle SEO company can help your ecommerce business. First we perform an on-site optimization analysis to see how your site can improve in navigation; our goal is to make your site user-friendly for humans and search engines.

Next, we create high-quality website content using targeted keywords. Your product descriptions are revamped to attract the customers. We’ll also use social media to get customers attention and attract them to your marketplace.

White Hat SEO
We’re diligent to our customer’s needs. We use White Hat SEO techniques for all of our ecommerce customers. That means we will only use the techniques that search engines approve of and we won’t use any techniques that could damage the ranking of your website. We want you noticed — not banned.

Let Us Optimize Your Franchise Site
Our local Seattle SEO firm can also help your franchise. Whether you’re a franchisor or a franchisee, you have the brand recognition working for you. Now all you need is a way to beat out the competition online. Our Seattle SEO company is skilled in offering SEO services to local franchises. We have the SEO services that can be tailor-made to suit the unique needs of a franchise and we can increase your site’s rankings.

Unique SEO for Franchises
We know you’re busy building up your business and protecting your brand, but SEO is also important if you want to get recognized online. Even with the brand recognition, you have competition and a large network of other franchises to compete with. We can help incorporate the website ranking of your corporation into local franchise websites to beat the competition and increase your SEO ranking.

Since customers research where they’re going to shop first, we want them to see your franchise first. Franchisees are the face of the main franchise; therefore you need a website that attracts customers to the brand, but also your local area. Our SEO services can help you do just that. We perform keyword analysis that help target keywords your customers are likely to use. With our optimization services we put those keywords to work and help get your franchise recognized.

Get Seattle SEO Services Today
SEO is the only way for a website to survive in today’s economy. Without the right SEO your site could sit toward the end of the search results, meaning the chances your site will be seen are minimal. Get started with a unique SEO service that helps your business grow by contacting Watch Tower SEO today.